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Token Number Display System Manufacturers
The Digiline System

Token Number Display System Manufacturers

Digilines has all facilities to provide the convenience of handling a queue. We as token number display system manufacturers have integrated the best and the most essential features to create a token display model. A helpful device with user friendly features and easy to install, it has made life easier for customers and the employees/ attendants. Customers can be called through voice announcement or simply by the display sound when their token number appears. Even when they are around the lobby sitting, simply waiting for their turn, as soon as the display appears, that is the time to go instead of standing in the queue after the bill.

For the employees, this system ensures lesser hassle of dealing with customers, where they now simply have to wait for the customers themselves to appear when they show their token number at the display.

Specification :

Customers can easily move around without the stress of staying in the queue as it alerts when our turn is up. While for the attendants, it can be a hassle free service to maintain the efficiency and handle the customer service well.

This is a very helpful system in place, especially for the elderly public. An alert through token display is better than waiting for long in queue. The booking number made in the person’s name will appear on the screen as soon as the turn comes. Hence, there is no rush or hassle.

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